I Am Me - Affirmations for Kids

I Am Me - Affirmations for Kids book and colouring book is filled with powerful affirmations, statements and questions aimed at children of all ages. I believe what we tell ourselves matters!

Whether you purchase for your child, nieces, nephews or grandchild(ren) you can be sure that they will enjoy going through the book either by themselves or together with you.

The books will provide fun, good vibes and positivity.  There is also a section in the back of the book where they can be creative and design their own affirmation.

Positive affirmations are powerful and effective in building self esteem, self confidence and self worth.

I AM ME is available in Paperback and eBook. Please contact me if purchasing A4 books.

I AM ME - Affirmations for Kids


I AM ME - Affirmations for Kids


I AM ME - Affirmations for Kids

Colouring Book (Paperback)


Paperback and eBook via other platforms such as Walmart / Barnes and Noble

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Q Bayles.jpg

It was a pleasure to have 9 year old Quaden from Australia choose I AM ME - Affirmations for Kids as his book to read live on the Queenmode bookclub instagram. 

Quaden and his mother shared a bonding moment reading the book and telling everyone about it.  To view the video click here.

Don H

A very well put together book.
My youngest like the pictures and my eldest liked reading it.
Well done.

T Bremner

Little man love the book! Loved learning new words and understanding what they meant and also actually got him to speak about school and not just say "I don't know". Nice one.

C Baker

Thank you for my copy of your book. My daughter loved the fact that she can create and design her own affirmations in the book.  She loved how the pictures are, and for me I loved the fact it includes different races and abilities. Thank you

W Witts

I bought this book for my niece and she absolutely loved it. She liked the fact she was able to create her own affirmation in the back of the book.

Thank you so much Sheree.