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My Name is Sheree and I was born and raised in London, England. I am a Level 2 SIA licenced Door Supervisor however in my spare time I love to walk in the forests and travel to different countries.  I love music and I love to listen to the motivational speaker Eric Thomas.  He inspired me to make something of myself which is why I have pursued in the following.

I am an Author that created books for children based on affirmations, my intentions are to increase their self confidence, self esteem and to recognise their self worth. I have worked with children for over 20 years from all walks of life and felt that children can go through so much. My books are a way to help them realise that they are important in this world. Affirmations are powerful and I feel if children recite the words everyday, then they will grow up with positivity in their life.  

As an ambassador for JUST STRONG, a UK active lifestyle brand, I help to promote, motivate and empower all females building their strength, whether it is physically or mentally.  Just Strong provides gym wear, supplements and accessories for all types of women and children.

Click the brand ambassador tab to find out more about this company and what it stands for.


I also have the opportunity to be an apprentice Travel Advisor for a family run travel business specialising in destination weddings and honeymoons, business trips as well as sending you on family, group or solo vacations. We will help you decide and plan your vacation and/or event.  Visit the site for more information on what Inspirational Travel Plus can offer.


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