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2nd Order from Just Strong


With wanting to increase my gym wear collection and loving my 1st order, I decided to place another and loved the fact they had casual clothing such as hoodies and jumpers that you can wear out on a nice day rather than in the gym. The styles are in such a way that it doesn't look like gym clothes.
The zip up jet black & fire red contrast hoodie was my first choice. I decided due to owning so many black clothes I would have a change.  The red incorporated in the design was enough for my liking. This hoodie was slightly oversized even though I ordered my normal size, I would definitely go a size smaller for the fit.
I then ordered the red tank, again due to ordering 2 black tanks in my initial order I wanted to go for a bit of colour (and I like red). The quote on the front also interested me. The material is the same as my other tanks so I knew what I was getting.
I wanted a long pair of leggings and as I tend to get hot while exercising I loved the design of having the mesh panels.  These leggings are comfy, squat proof and high on the waist. Jumping around still doesn't make them fall down and as a bonus they contain a small pocket on the front.
The last item I ordered was the Just Strong Team hoodie. This is only available to ambassadors, the hoodie is comfortable and warm and it also allows you to out your Instagram handle on the back.  I decided I wanted my website The sizing for me was a little small, again i ordered my size but the arm around the bicep/tricep area was a bit of a squeeze.  Other that thgat though I like all the products I selected.
Again just a reminder:

  • Just Strong is a UK (United Kingdom) company, so it does take time to get your order especially if you are overseas! 

  • Prices when you first arrive at the website will be in pounds (the UK currency), but once it updates your location, they will change to your currency!  However, when you check out…it will be back to pounds!  Just be aware!

  • Grab £60/$80(USD) worth of products and you get free shipping worldwide, which is pretty cool because that saves you $12.50, plus if you use my code (shedan10) you are going to get an additional 10% off your order!  How cool is that?!

  • There is a size guide to help you figure out which size to order. The clothing seems to be true to size.

  • These are high quality products!  I can already tell that I’m going to own these pieces for quite awhile and that they are going to last, so they are definitely worth the money!


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